Corporate Package


Are you interested in taking your corporate team-building event to the next level?

If so, put ESCAPEability to work. We aim to create the perfect team building experience to fit your needs and goals.

Does Team Building work through Escape Rooms?

ESCAPEability's Games provide everything a Successful Team-Builder Needs :

Fun and Engaging

        Escape Rooms are a fun activity that appeals to all kinds of personalities.

ESCAPEability has 5 different themed rooms that immerse you in 60 minutes of fun!

Communication and Commitment

       Attention to detail is vital to success in our rooms. One person’s eyes will see the puzzles in a completely different light than the next person, so expert communication is key.

Cognitive Benefits

  • Problem Solving
  • Sense of Team
  • Setting Goals
  • Role Clarification
  • Interpersonal Communication

How much does this cost?


9 or less people : $37 / person

10 – 19 people : $33 / person

20 or more people : $30 / person

Second Round of Rooms :  $25 / person

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How Much Does This Cost ?

Don't Want the Fun to End?

Not ready to stop the fun after your Escape Room? Look into renting our Party Room for up to three hours of entertainment! The Escape Game Las Vegas – For Events & Team Building

The Escape Game Las Vegas – For Events & Team Building